Ernesto Rincon

I am leading the Innovation Business Development Team for South Europe region at SAP. I am a results-oriented Senior Executive with a proven record of success in Digital Transformation, Innovation and Digital Strategy across different industries (Retail/CPG, Banking, Telecom, O&G and Manufacturing).

My role at SAP is advising C-level management at strategic customers on the impact of Digital Transformation and Innovation on their business models.


One of my passions is teaching. I am also leading the Digital Finance practice at University Carlos III of Madrid and I am Co-director of the Master of Tech Processes Sales at Sales Innovation School.

“Do whatever you want to do in your life but do it with a real purpose”

This is a blog created with lot of enthusiasm and with the goal of sharing my point of view on important aspects that are happening in our society and create a discussion environment. As for example, how COVID-19 is impacting our society in many ways, how we are using disruptive technologies to combat it and how we reflect on the correct use of those technologies.

I will also analyze other relevant topics such as Ethics and AI, The Future of Retail, The New Normal of Travel and Mobility, Sustainability & Climate Change and Future Leadership. These are just some examples of what you can discover in this blog.

I wish I can surprise you every day with a unique and different content and an enjoyable point of view. If you have any comment or suggestion to improve my website, please leave a message on ‘Contact’ home menu.

I leave you here with one of my favorite quotes in my life, from the film ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’.

The Pursuit of Happiness, film